Thursday, February 12, 2009

You always need a nemesis.

I don't think any good can be done without the aspiration to crush someone else. This is Kasey Klepfer and he plays harmonica for Texas Renegade. This video is from 2006 at I think Waterloo Records in Austin. I really like the part of the solo where he brings in the harp riff from the song Lowrider by the band War. We both play Lee Oskar harps that are made by the harmonica player of that band, Lee Oskar. Also there's a spot where he works a dominant trill all the way up the comb that i still hate watching for my lip's sake. All around it is an awesome solo with great virtuosity and depth. Texas Renegade have a great sound I like their music a bunch. Kasey himself is a really nice guy and i got to talk with him for a little bit back stage at the Lone Star Music Fest in San Angelo where both of our bands played. We talked about harps, playing styles, and our gear. It was a good conversation. He complimented me for my sound. He asked me about my weird microphone I was using at the time. I asked if he was still playing with his same set up and I even told him good job on this very solo that I saw on Youtube. Really great great guy.

Why does he have to be destroyed? Because you always need your nemesis and there's only so many harmonica players in Texas Music worth taking down. There are the countless lead singers who pull a Marine Band out from their pocket and do the suck and blow number for a couple of songs. I've even seen a few neck holder rigs on stages for the longer numbers.(not pointing any fingers Cody Canada) Really when you boil down to it the bona fide harp players are few and far between.

It's a much harder instrument to play than it looks. People look at you funny when you answer, "harmonica player" when they ask you what it is you do in that band. Also there aren't too many bands who are willing to take on a pay split with a guy who can bring his instrument to the show in his pocket not to mention, set up his rig in two minutes flat. By my count and this may be a bit off to some people's measure, but there are three harp players in all of the Texas Music scene. Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson's harp player), Kasey Klepfer, and me. So the way I see it is there's really only two people I need to take down before I'm touring with Willie. I'm just kidding about there only being three great harp players out there in Texas Music, but there really isn't much to sift through so I might be pretty close. Go me. Also, Mickey doesn't count since Willie has gone Nashville and Hollywood on us......... So then there were two.

Rocky had his Russian. Danny Glover had Predator. Rambo had the entire Vietcong army. Now I have Kasey and he's going down.
Laws of nature.

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