Saturday, February 21, 2009

San Angelo Rodeo Show Lineup

This is the live show lineup for the San Angelo rodeo. We are playing there tomorrow the 21'st, but the whole weekend and the next looks like great times. I stole the dates from so tell them thanks. Hope to see you there. I was pleasantly surprised with the bands playing. It's a shame we pretty much have to play and run back home for our next show, because I would have loved to hear a bunch of these bands live for the first time.

Friday, Feb 20th
4-5pm Joe Rodriguez
530-645pm Fryza Lyza
715-830pm Ida Road Band
9-1015pm The Captain Legendary Band
1045-12am Jeremiah Houston Band

Sat, Feb 21st
11a-1215pm The Buster Bledsoe Band
1245-2pm Sean Kendrick
230-345pm cody Hughes Davidson
415-530pm Brushfire
6-715pm Jamie Talbert
745-9pm Slow Rollin’ Lows
930-1045pm Chad Johnson & Down 1450
1115-1230am Donny Waits Band

Fri, Feb 27th
4-515pm Steve Ferguson Band
545-7pm Cody Gill Band
730-845 Hogg Maulies
915-1030 Mo Robson Band
1045-12am Spur 503

Sat, Feb 28th
1115-1230pm The Flinchers
115-230pm Monty Branham
3-415pm Hank Billings & The Travelers
445-6pm Bill Rice Band
815-930pm Tommy Gallagher Band
10-1115pm Whiskeyfish
1145-1am Kyle Bennett Band

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