Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gloves off, nemesis you're going down.

Okay. So apparently one youtube video wasn't enough for him. Harp player for Texas Renegade Kasey Klepfer, and personal harp nemesis, has got himself a brand new shiny video of his harp solo madness. I have to say I was impressed the first time around with the solo video I posted last week of him recorded in 2006. This one though, not so much. It's rehearsed with the band, which kind of cuts the fun of a solo out, and it's just stuffed with repetitive trills and blow/suck chugging.

I'm not mad I'm just disappointed. (dominant parent shame attack) Where's the chops? Where's the speed and articulation? Where's something that's from the top of your head expressing those goods I know you're hiding? Why are you holding back? Are you just messing with us?
You wanna play head games? Play them on your own time like on a stage somewhere with your band. Wait scratch that last one.

You think you're too good to show off? Well that's just smug and rude. No one here appreciates that kind of apathy. If we're going to be enemies you better get your A game out and put some polish on it, because this just isn't going to cut it out in the fields with Charlie. That mud is thick and the rainy season isn't bringing any butterflies or gumdrop kisses.

It's on.

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