Friday, July 31, 2009

Dottie Hill Musicfest August 15'th

I just wanted to start getting the good word out now. There will be a much more comprehensive blog post to come. A show you should make sure to make will be August 15'th at The Hog Pit In Midland. Six or so bands, ourselves included, with Mike McClure ending out the night. The line up isn't with me nor are all the ins and outs. For now, just remember the date and makes sure to pencil it in. I'll have a good thorough post coming soon.

The last weekend shows went quite well. Lubbock was kind to us as usual, as well as Grahams in Odessa and Kroc's in Midland. Kroc's was by far the most entertaining to me though. The stage there is very close to the crowd and makes for a great experience when the people show up to listen. There were some familiar faces as well as quite a few new ones and everyone seemed to be having a stellar evening. What more could you ask for?

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three shows this weekend. Thursday 23'rd Blue Light - Lubbock, Friday 24'th Graham's Central Station - Odessa, and Saturday 25'th Krocs - Midland

We are hitting the road Thursday and playing Lubbock, Texas at the famous Blue Light in the Hub city's Depot District. We have played there once before and hopefully this time there won't be a freak snow storm the night of the show. Friday we will be headlining the country bar inside of Graham's Central Station in Odessa. We will be playing a three hour set with a break in the middle from nine thirty until last call. Finally Saturday we will be headlining at Kroc's bar in Midland. Our friends The Jackson Lee Brooks Band will be opening up for us at Kroc's which should be a fun time. Jackson Lee Brooks Band goes on at nine and we follow to the stage around ten o'clock. I hope to run into some familiar and new faces alike on our triple show weekend.

Other than that not much new to report. Make sure to drop by our Myspace site and take a listen to our new song "Paperweight" as well as become a fan of The Cody Hughes Davidson Band on our fairly new Facebook page.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old School Effects, Pedals you need to take a look at

I have come across a pedal company that is worth a look and hopefully your money. The company's name is Old School Effects and Sam, the proprietor and mad scientists of the pedals, is making some quality hardware. Cody, our lead singer, recently acquired a fuzz pedal from Old School and I was very impressed by the quality, price, and craftsmanship of the pedal. As of right now Old School Effects offers six different types of pedals that will be handmade for you as well as optional custom artwork for the exterior casing. The names of the pedal are a bit wild such as the ass nipple or stinky pinky, but the circuitry and effects coming from these pedals are dominant. Notably, Cross Canadian Ragweed is currently touring with a few of these pedals, and I haven't heard any nay-sayers regarding their tone as of recently. I will be a customer in the coming weeks once I get some other important finances taken care of, and will keep you updated on the goods coming from the Old School Effects lab. In the meantime give them a look and hopefully you'll find something that peaks your interest.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quincy Harper and Cody Hughes Davidson Band Tomorrow

We are playing with Quincy Harper tomorrow evening in Midland. I haven't heard of his music until I found out we were gigging with him, but was happily surprised when I visited his site. He is from the Fredericksburg area of Texas and has a strong acoustic sound. His voice has a good grit to it and his songwriting shows a lot of promise. A portion of his song's words and images followed a familiar path, but there were other facets and choices that really shone through when I listened. Needless to say, I'm excited to see him live on stage and am optimistic for the outcome of the night.

We practiced the new song Cody and I wrote recently. It is strange to watch something you have such a set notion to, evolve in the hands of other people. The song has grown and changed, but still holds true to its original great stuff. I really can't wait to play it tomorrow and see the reaction, if any, from the people at the show. New songs always have such an awkward growth period on stage. The first couple of times everyone is still thinking too hard over it to give it any wiggle room. Eventually the song becomes second nature and people in the band start loosening their grip on it, letting its personality sneak out. I am ready to start that process with something I had a hand in writing.

Friday, July 3, 2009

New songs in the works with The Cody Hughes Davidson Band

Cody Davidson and I have spent a few days this week trying to hammer out some new songs for the band. So far we have finished the skeleton of one, and we're really proud of it. The writing came easy between the two of us and Cody's guitar work was great to play along with as usual. I made a rough recording of that song which we titled "Paperweight" using my iPhone. For those harp players out there, this is not master harmonica work on my part, but it was the third take after the words were written. It is me mostly fooling around in the first position trying to find where I want to put myself in this song for the future. Writing with Cody has been a blast and we have talked about recording our acoustic works as they come out, such as this one, and title the compilation the iPhone sessions. To have a listen to our new song "Paperweight", follow this link, or simply go to our Myspace page and select the song in the music player. I really look forward to our next full band practice to see how this song translates with the rest of the guys. Hopefully we can tie it all together with one another and have it ready for our upcoming album which we will hopefully be recording later this summer.