Friday, July 31, 2009

Dottie Hill Musicfest August 15'th

I just wanted to start getting the good word out now. There will be a much more comprehensive blog post to come. A show you should make sure to make will be August 15'th at The Hog Pit In Midland. Six or so bands, ourselves included, with Mike McClure ending out the night. The line up isn't with me nor are all the ins and outs. For now, just remember the date and makes sure to pencil it in. I'll have a good thorough post coming soon.

The last weekend shows went quite well. Lubbock was kind to us as usual, as well as Grahams in Odessa and Kroc's in Midland. Kroc's was by far the most entertaining to me though. The stage there is very close to the crowd and makes for a great experience when the people show up to listen. There were some familiar faces as well as quite a few new ones and everyone seemed to be having a stellar evening. What more could you ask for?

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