Friday, July 3, 2009

New songs in the works with The Cody Hughes Davidson Band

Cody Davidson and I have spent a few days this week trying to hammer out some new songs for the band. So far we have finished the skeleton of one, and we're really proud of it. The writing came easy between the two of us and Cody's guitar work was great to play along with as usual. I made a rough recording of that song which we titled "Paperweight" using my iPhone. For those harp players out there, this is not master harmonica work on my part, but it was the third take after the words were written. It is me mostly fooling around in the first position trying to find where I want to put myself in this song for the future. Writing with Cody has been a blast and we have talked about recording our acoustic works as they come out, such as this one, and title the compilation the iPhone sessions. To have a listen to our new song "Paperweight", follow this link, or simply go to our Myspace page and select the song in the music player. I really look forward to our next full band practice to see how this song translates with the rest of the guys. Hopefully we can tie it all together with one another and have it ready for our upcoming album which we will hopefully be recording later this summer.

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