Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ranch Rumors

Well I'm an idiot, because I could have just visited their Facebook page to get a few things cleared up about The Ranch closing down. Poor journalistic due diligence on my behalf, but hey, I'm not a journalist. Any ways The Ranch posted this on their Facebook site and I apologize for leading people into the gossip mill,

The Ranch To our customers and friends .... The Ranch
is temporarily closed for remodeling and will reopen very soon! Stand
by -- we'll be better than ever! In the meantime, we would like to
address some (expected and unexpected) rumors. Hopefully this will
answer all your questions. SPECIAL ATTENTION to all of our local NEW...S
stations: I'll pause a second so you can all start taking notes ....
ready? GO ....

The Ranch
The Ranch
‎1. The Ranch was NOT shut down by the TABC.
2. The Ranch did NOT cause the Nashville flood.
3. The Ranch is NOT owned by a bank.
4. The Ranch is NOT reopening as a gay bar.
5. The Ranch did NOT kick Lady Gaga out of the Yankee clubhouse while wearing no pants.... See More
6. The Ranch was NOT shut down by the Comptroller.
7. The Ranch did NOT cause the BP oil spill.
8. The Ranch has NOT surrendered it's liquor license.
9. The Ranch is NOT responsible for global warming.
10. The Ranch was NOT shut down by the IRS.
June 22 at 11:13pm ·
The Ranch
The Ranch
To all of you who have been supportive and kind, we thank you -- you mean a great deal to us and your kindness will not be forgotten. To all of you who were so anxious to start rumors and feed nasty gossip ..... karma. It's amazing how unkind some people can be to each other. Times like these are when people really show you who they are. 
Well at least they have a sense of humor about things. So they didn't lose their liquor license, and weren't shut down by TABC, or a comptroller, or the bank. They didn't address the Graham's buy out whisper, but from the looks of things I think all the rumors were just that, Rumors. Hopefully their doors will be swinging back open soon enough. 

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  1. LOL. Glad that's been cleared up. Thanks for the post.