Friday, July 9, 2010

Gained Guitarist (?), Lost Our Booking, and My Sweet Samson 77 Airline Wireless...

A quick blurb about the state of things. We are practicing with a lead guitarist this afternoon at our practice session and seeing if he's a good fit for the band. He comes highly recommended so hopefully things work out and we're back in business just like that. If he isn't the right fit we got another referral for a guy that is a great guitar player as well but he lives in New Mexico. His work schedule is flexible and he would be available for any gig and willing to drive in for a weekly practice. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out. I'm happy we were sans guitarist for only a few days instead of being one of those bands eternally looking for a lead player and cursed to never gig again. Crisis averted and moving on.

 Every post needs a picture, so why not make it a random funny one?

Second wave of bad news, AUE our booking agency, has dropped us and quite a few other bands from their representation. They have decided to put the majority of their time and efforts into a few bands they have that are full timing gigging and have already established a name for themselves. Life goes on. We're really not too worried about this one though. In recent months it had begun to be more difficult to rationalize our agreement with them. They would call us for a gig across the state and one of us couldn't swing it. We would call them asking to be booked for a connecting gig and they couldn't book us. Cody had a baby so we took a month sabbatical and then Cole left to work in Oklahoma. I think the timing is fine for us to be moving back into booking ourselves. Also we no longer have to pay their booking fee which means more money for us! We don't hold any grudges to AUE and wish them the best on their new ventures.


In the good news side of things, I got a wireless set up for my harp mic! How over the top is it for a harmonica player to have a wireless rig? Screw you, you don't know me! You can't judge me! All I know is I'll be having a whole lot more fun on stage running around doing sweet David Lee Roth kicks, well maybe not, but I can if I wanted to now. (picture below) I'm trying it out tonight and I'll let you know how it works out.
Samson 77 Airline Wireless Guitar System, awww yeah!!

Other than that we're playing a wedding at a private venue (duh) this Saturday. If anyone asks me to play the Macarena or the Chicken dance, I'm out. If we like the guitarist trying out tonight, tomorrow's show will be the best low pressure dry run for everyone to feel things out. Next weekend on July 16'th we play Kroc's Bar's 2 year anniversary party in Midland. After that, its back on the road and God willing, with a new lead guitarist.

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