Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zach Huckabee has hit the Texas Music Charts

Our band's good friend Zach Huckabee has a new album out and his single has shown up on the Texas Music Charts. The Texas Music Charts is a lot like other charts where it ranks Texas Music bands according to radio play. This chart ranks by the spin counts a particular song gets across approximately eighty stations across Texas. Zach Huckabee's new album "Was It You?" released earlier this summer and has been crawling across Texas catching the ears of plenty of people. His single "The Fight" has emerged on the Texas Music Chart currently at number thirty eight. If you haven't yet caught Zach out on tour make sure to swing by his website and try to find a weekend when he's nearby. His live shows have always been a great pile of energy. If you're stuck somewhere untouched by live music, then make sure to grab hold of his album and make your own dance party at the house.

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