Monday, September 21, 2009

Austin Universal Entertainment

Some good news came to me from our lead singer Cody Davidson while I was in Austin for a business trip. For some time we have been trying to branch out from the venues that have become our regular stops. To be fair, these venues are great and have always been a good show when we stepped up on stage, but we were ready to branch out our exposure. We had become aware of a booking agency called Austin Universal Entertainment that was representing a few bands that have come through our regular bar The Hog Pit. Long story short, we have now signed on with the agency. After reviewing the stipulations in the contract it seems to be a win win situation for us and the agency alike. They will be booking, at the least, one road show a month at a venue with great exposure for us. Meanwhile we will continue to book our regular shows alongside these intermittent larger AUE gigs. We haven't yet seen any of this come to fruition since hearing the good news a few days ago, but I am excited to see what turns out. AUE represents other great Texas bands such as Texas Renegade, BIlly Joe Shaver, Boddy Duncan, Emory Quinn, Grady Skelton, and Zach Walther and the Cronkites.

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