Sunday, March 8, 2009

Band News

News with the Cody Hughes Davidson Band is always good to share. We have a new old drummer. Darren Harris was the drummer with the band when I first started, but had to quit because he got stuck in Washington state. Long story. Well he has returned and is now back to smashing the drums with us once again. We decided to part ways with our current drummer amicably and wish him the best. It feels good to play with Darren again he's a really nice guy and a very natural drum player. I learned the band's songs with his drumming and it feels much more natural with his fills and tempo back on stage with us.

I missed a great gig in Dallas yesterday because my job hates me. The band was booked to play in Dallas for a private party and got great pay while I got marginal pay for logging in way more hours of sweat. It's never fair.

We're playing this coming Friday at the Blue Light in Lubbock. It's a great venue and a place I'm really excited to play. Check out their website in the above link they seem to tape previous shows so maybe I'll have something to share later. I remember back when I was going to Texas Tech in Lubbock a lot of great bands traveled through and played that same stage. Actually Cody Canada from Cross Canadian Ragweed did an acoustic set there with Stephanie Briggs a year or so back. Also it's one of the bars that helped push The Josh Abbott Band into their current rise of popularity. It's a fairly small bar which gives the shows a good personal feeling to them. If the show goes right and the crowd is feeling good it should be an awesome night.

Saturday we are back in Midland playing at The Hog Pit. Opening up for us is Paul Aaron Hughes who is coming out with his first CD titled "I've Got To Have You". It should be a fun weekend and hopefully I won't almost swallow a reed like last time out. I just noticed that we have a new myspace thing to visit. This is the Cody Hughes Davidson Band fan page on myspace. Check it out. I'm not sure if this is going to be the myspace site to visit instead of the other one from now on or this is just another link for the bookmarks tab. I'll let you know.

In other random band news Cody is looking into purchasing a more accomodating tour bus soon, hopefully, maybe. Right now we take our long road trips in an RV, which is a good size and was a great deal when bought. Cody recently has stumbled upon another deal. It's an old tour bus from a traveling choir that bunks ten, full kitchen, bathroom no shower, and a large living room setup. It sounds pretty fun and the price is right. Now we just have to sell the RV to someone for the right price, keep Cody and famiy interested in the idea, and have the bus still available once the timing hits. So here's to the RV cause I can probably put a proper tour bus in my wish pile along with my thousand dollar in ear monitors.

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  1. Too bad you couldn't make it down. Let me know if you're ever coming to the area.