Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fort Worth Friday Stephenville Saturday

We'll be rolling into Fort Worth Friday evening to play at Woody's Tavern. We will be opening up for Ryan McBride who I have to admit I have no idea is. I'll have to click on some google and get back to you.

Saturday evening we had the choice between playing with Mark Mckinney at Wormy Dog in Oklahoma or with Whiskey Myers at City Limits in Stephenville, Tx. We went with the economical choice and are heading to Stephenville. Again, the name Whiskey Myers sounds familiar but I can't quite think of a song they play. I'm sure I'll have a slap on the forehead moment in a bit and it will all start to come together.

Fun weekend ahead. These low pressure opening gigs are a fantastic way of getting new stuff worked up. Also, having two fairly new additions to our band these shows provide us with a great litmus test on how everyone connects on stage and on the road. When we played Blaine's last weekend we had a great show and a great all around trip. I think we're getting tighter every time we run a song.

Hope to see some faces out early for our set. Come say hi and have a beer or two while supporting live music.


  1. Sounds like y'all are getting some name recognition going. Kudos!

  2. Thanks Ricky! Good to see you're still hanging around in the shadows reading my stuff. Eventually we'll sneak down to Houston and give you a show to go to.