Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Trishas: worth your time and attention

For some time I have been running across a band called The Trishas in magazines, Twitter posts, and through word of mouth. I had never heard them play a song, but from the pictures and write ups I was seeing in passing I didn't expect much more than a Dixie Chicks reincarnation. At the end of the day you can't know too much about a band until you press play, and luckily I was proven wrong regarding my assumptions. Their sound is soulful and bluesy filled with great harmonies and a wide expanse of americana instruments. This Austin based band is comprised of four women who bring a lot to the table when they step up on stage. They are accomplished musicians, songwriters, and performers. I hope to get the pleasure of seeing them live soon. If you're looking for a type of music that transplants you to the Mississippi delta but is narrated by four beautiful voices twisting in and out of soul, blues, and bluegrass, you'll feel home with The Trishas. Good Stuff.

The Trishas playing "must be time" while hanging out with the guys.

The Trishas playing "Whistling" again with the guys.


  1. Saw them last night in Wichita. Beautiful voices and great instrumentals.