Saturday, June 13, 2009

MIdland Reporter Telegram now voting for Midland's Top 100

The local newspaper The Midland Reporter Telegram is taking votes for its annual Top 100 in Midland Texas. By the grace of the powers that be, we have been voted two years in a row Midland's favorite band. If anyone feels like our band may be worthy of a three-peat just follow this link and put Cody Hughes Davidson Band in the "Person Local Musician" slot near the bottom.

In other news, the band this coming weekend will once again be playing down in San Angelo at Blaine's Pub Friday. Saturday we will be playing I believe a private party somewhere in the middle of Texas. I'll fill you in once I get a better handle on the itinerary and such.

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  1. I just hope that there will be fair judgment between the contestants and none of the judges will have their own favorites.