Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Nifty New Road Case

This is a fairly self explanatory post. As of this month, I have been with The Cody Hughes Davidson Band for a full year. At a recent practice Cody was showing off a road case him and Troy, our sound engineer, had made. It's a cool setup that holds both his Fender electric amp and his SWR Strawberry Blonde acoustic amp in one housing. The entire case is on caster wheels and the front and rear of the case can be removed with latches. This makes setting up a ton easier for Cody's gear. All he has to do is roll it on stage take the front and back off and plug in. The interior is cased in foam fitting the two amps snug in place which makes travel safer for the amps. I was impressed. Recently when the band played in Dallas they came across a used music gear store and bought a smaller road case that was apparently used for holding a ton of vocal mics. The case measured roughly two feet long and a foot and three quarters tall and maybe a foot and a half wide. It was twenty bucks so they picked it up hoping to use it for miscellaneous gear since the interior was foamed and sectioned off into compartments. At the practice session after staring at Cody's set up for a bit, Troy and Cody thought maybe that twenty buck case would make for a great harp player road case. Low and behold, eyeballing the size of the case, it seemed that my amp, pedal board, and harp case could fit fairly easily in the interior with some minor adjustments to the compartments and foam. We went to work after practice, me really just watching and holding stuff, and them drilling out rivets, ripping out wood slats, and making other random innovations. A few hours later, below is what we ended up with. My modified year with the band harp playing road case appreciation present.

Here's the case empty except for a front slot that can hold extra mic cables and backup mics. The gray area in the top of the case comes down and that is where I put my pedal board.

Here's what for the most part fits in the case. My Hohner amp, my pedal board, and my harp case.

It has a handle on the top for lugging around but I plan on putting some small caster wheels on the bottom since it is such an awkward size to carry from the handle. It was a great present from the band and now I don't have to worry about my amp dinging up in the trailer or carrying around my briefcase of harps.


  1. That's a great looking case! The fit is perfect.

    I think you and I have the same harp case.

  2. Perfect! Looks like you can travel bullet proof, now. I just acquired some foam to turn my retired teacher briefcase (very nice one) into a harp/mic/pedal case. Just haven't gotten around to it. Anyway.

  3. its been a year already?! WOW time flies!!

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